Best 18v & 20v Cordless Drill Reviews

Not so long ago, the high quality cordless drills were found only with high end professionals or in construction sites of some big projects. But now things have changed a lot and high quality wireless power tools are available in most households. This tool is a must have for all construction contractors (big or small) and DIY enthusiasts. It is a very handy tool for carrying out small home improvement projects or for doing minor DIY jobs like fixing door handles, hanging paintings on a wall, etc.

As this tool is so useful for carrying out numerous applications, it often becomes confusing to choose from so many available drill options in the market. Dozens of brands have multiple 18v and 20v cordless drill models in different price ranges for you to choose from, it is an overwhelming experience to decide on a model which suits our needs in best way without putting too much burden on our pockets.

Before you zero down on any particular model, it is important to understand your requirement in detail. You must analyze in detail, the applications that you wish to perform with this tool. You should have a clear idea about the power and speed configuration that you will require to have on your cordless drill. Some expensive models come with a lot of premium features, you have to analyze whether these premium features will be of any use to you.

The best way to select a perfect product for your need is to ascertain how you are going to use this tool and for which type of projects. Once you have this idea, it will save you a lot of time and will provide a good starting point to start your search. The next step should be to read about reviews and check customer ratings of your shortlisted products online.

If you are out in the market to buy an 18v or 20v cordless drill, you must consider following points –

  • Power – Each drill model comes with different power options, which is usually measured in torque. If you have to use this product on jobs which required high rotating power, you must choose a model with high torque.
  • Speed – The speed of a cordless drill is measured in RPM, different jobs require different speeds. To choose a right model you must have a clear idea about the type of jobs you intent to perform with this tool.
  • Clutch and speed variations – Having multiple clutch and speed variations will allow you to use this tool for different types of drilling and driving applications. Having more speed variations and multiple clutch options add more versatility to the tool.
  • Size and weight – It is always preferable to buy a drill machine with is low in weight and small in dimensions. The small size and low weight put less pressure on your wrist while working and it allows you to maneuver the tool in a comfortable manner.
  • Battery – Before choosing a tool, try to know more about the batteries that your drill comes with. Expected run time per charge? Is fast charger included? Weight of the batteries? Lithium ion or traditional NiCad? Getting answers to these questions will help you zero down on perfect drill for your job.

Below you will find brief reviews about few of the best selling 18 volt and 20 volt cordless drills available in the market today.

  • dewalt-dc970k-2DEWALT-DC970K-2 – This Dewalt cordless drill is powered by 18 volt NiCad batteries. Its compact design and low weight ensures that you experience minimum fatigue while working with this tool. It comes with two speed options of 0-450 Rpm and 0-1500 Rpm. It is equipped with a 1/2 inch ratcheting chuck, which does a very good job at securing the bits while working on variety of surfaces. Because of its good performance, good customer feedback and attractive pricing, it is one of the best selling cordless drill in offline as well as online marketplace today.


  • PORporter-cableTER-CABLE PCC606LA -With 20 volt lithium ion batteries and 330 UWO of power, this cordless drill from porter cable delivers huge muscle and smooth performance. This variant comes with many premium features like LED lights for working in dark areas, battery gauge for superior battery management and double ended bit tip for added versatility. With two speed gear box, this tool provides better control over drilling and fastening applications. The drill is available for purchase online at a price of approximately $80.



  • Bosch DDB181 – It is one of the most compact and light weight drill that you can buy in the market.boschddb181 Regardless of its size, this small tool packs a lot of power which help you to perform huge varieties of drilling and driving jobs with great comfort and ease. It is powered by 18 volt li-ion batteries. Because of its small size you will face less difficulty while operating in tight areas. This bosch drill can yield up to 350 in. lbs of torque and offer max speed of 1300 Rpm. If you are looking for a heavy duty drill for performing multiple varieties of jobs, you must consider this option.


  • black-and-deckerBlack & Decker GCO18SB – This black and Decker cordless drill come with twin batteries; it is an important addition as it allows you to maintain continuity of work. You can use one battery at a time and charge the other one at the same time to avoid any disruption on jobs which require long hours of continuous work. It is equipped with a key less chuck so that you can change the bits with one had while on the job. The light weight and soft grip handle on this tool ensures that you do not feel much pressure on your wrist when working on long shifts. This drill provides decent power that allows you to drill in to materials like wood, metal and plastic. With so many features and two batteries, this product is a very good deal at a price of approx $80.

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