Washing Machine Buying Tips

washing-machines11When you visit a store to buy a washing machine for your home, you will observe that there are numerous types of washing machines available in market from different brands with different sizes, features and functionalities. With so many options to choose from, it often becomes difficult to buy a washing machine which matches your requirement perfectly.


When you are buying a product like this, it is very important to firstly analyze your personal requirement. You must determine how often you are going to use this product, will the basic features serve your need or you have to get the premium features, family size, space availability at your home, etc. Below you will find some helpful tips that will assist you in buying a perfect washing machine for your home.


  • Types – Washing machines can be categorized in to two types – Front loading and top loading. For people, who are planning to place this product under their kitchen counter, the front loading is the perfect option for them. The top loader machines have more capacity as compared to front loader and at the same time they consume more water and are less power efficient.



  • Capacity – The wash load capacity of a machine is indicator of how much load a machine can take for a single cycle. The experts suggest that we should use machine to its full load capacity for each cycle so as to avoid power wastage. Based on wash load capacity the washing machines can be further categorized in to –
  1. Less than 5 – Mainly recommended for small families with not more than 2-3 members
  2. Between 5 to 7 – For Families with 4-6 person at home
  3. Above 7 – For commercial use or for large families.


  • Spin Speeds -Each Washing machine comes with different spin speeds. It is the speed at which a particular machine variant can spin the garments during washing or drying cycle. Different types of clothes require different spin speeds, for example – cotton requires high speed while synthetic requires slow speed. It is important to buy a product which gives you option to have some speed variations.
  • Efficiency – When you buy any home appliance, you must enquire about its energy consumption. The products which are cheaper to buy might prove to be expensive in long run because of their high electricity consumption. The washing machines which come with high energy ratings are often expensive to buy, but will put less burden on your pocket in longer run.

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